- Can i return my order?

Yes this is possible within 14 days after receipt. Please read our return policy for more information about returns. You can find that here.


- What is the shipping time?

The shipping time differs per country. After placing your order we will process your order within 2 business days. We aim to process your order on the same day you placed it. Click here to see the estimated transit time for your country.


- Do you have a store?

Yes we do! We are currently experimenting with a store in the city center of Utrecht. The name of this store is Contrast, as it is a contrasting experience compared to all the other vintage stores. We welcome you to come visit our store, hang out, try on some clothes, play some games on our projector, read some magazines and have a good time. You can find us here:

Zakkendragerssteeg 13, Utrecht.

For opening times and other elements information please follow @contrast.by.stax on instagram.


- How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping price differs per country. You can calculate your shipping price during the checkout. Shipping is free on any order over €100,-* 

*Countries with shipping costs higher than €10,- will have free shipping on any order over €150,-


- What is vintage?

At Stax we consider a garment to be vintage when it is at least 10 years old. We sell garments from as early as the 1960’s up to the early 2000’s. 


- Are the garments authentic?

All garments are carefully checked by our authentication team. All branded garments are authentic unless stated otherwise. If a product is not authentic we will clearly state that it is a ”Bootleg”. 


- What is a''Bootleg''?

Bootlegs are inauthentic but very unique vintage pieces made in very low quantities making them highly sought after by collectors for their rareness. Bootleggers often picked loud colours and used unique fabrics for their unorthodox designs. We choose to sell bootlegs because we want to offer the chance to own one of these rare pieces. Every bootleg we sell is vintage and most seem to come from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

- What about the sizes?

All items are sized slightly different. We will state the size on the label or estimate the size. Most fo our items are true to size. To make it easy we have added the measurements of the garments in the product description. Measure your favorite piece fo clothing and compare the sizes to get a good estimates of something will fit you.

How to measure:


- What is ''Deadstock''?

Deadstock is the term used to describe brand new, un-used and unworn items or garments that have been stocked away for many years. These items are often in the same state as they were in when they left the factory many years ago.